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Issue 05/2014

Supporting rural electrification

IEC series of publications to help rural populations in developing world access electricity

Hundreds of millions living in rural areas in developing countries are without access to electricity, a prerequisite to human and economic development. Off-grid renewable energies offer an attractive solution for these people. The IEC has issued a series of publications for small renewable energy and hybrid systems for rural electrification, which is available at a discounted price in a joint initiative with the World Bank Group and the United Nations Foundation.

Issue 03/2015

Is your bus ride charged?

Cleaning up public transport networks

Power tools, mobile phones and tablets, wearables, electric toothbrushes, industrial applications powering wind turbines and equipment used in agriculture and forestry, marine, process automation and healthcare are just some of the items which can be charged using wireless or induction charging systems. Buses have joined this long list with more cities trialling this technology in a bid to make their transport systems cleaner and more efficient.

Issue 05/2015

Rethinking energy storage

Energy providers face increasing demand for power to sustain the daily activities of growing global populations

Consumers need access to a continuous, flexible and adequate electricity supply wherever they are. In addition to ensuring the provision of quality, stable electricity, energy suppliers must also consider regulations to make production cleaner, which they can achieve by using more renewable energies and moving away from depleting fossil fuels. Concern for the environment and global consumer habits are helping to drive innovation and develop improved energy storage solutions.