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Issue 08/2016

Digital data exchange to be streamlined

International Cooperation Agreement signed between the IEC and eCl@ss e. V.

The harmonization of standards in electrical engineering and electronics means a breakthrough for digital data exchange.

Issue 08/2017

Digitization: direct impact on standardization

IEC must seize opportunities and address challenges

In his address to Council, Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO, reminded the audience that digitization is a key focus for both industry and standards organizations. Standards will play a key role in the digitization of industry, healthcare and every other part of our life. The new Masterplan, approved and published prior to the General Meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, sets the goals and expectations for the Commission, in this area among others, for the years to come.

Issue 08/2017

Exciting times ahead

e-tech talks with Åke Danemar, IEC Treasurer

Originally elected as Treasurer at the General Meeting in Melbourne, Australia, in 2011, Åke Danemar has served the IEC over the past six years with enthusiasm and competence. As he comes to the end of his term, Danemar reflects on his time at the IEC.