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Issue 08/2015

International Standards help keep food safe for all

From farms to the plate International Standards ensure consumers enjoy safer food

The safety of food products is a primary concern for the food industry, the authorities and consumers. Over the years it has improved to such an extent that food poisoning outbreaks have become increasingly rare in many countries. This is the result of major improvement in the food safety management system from producers and the processing industry all the way to consumers. IEC International Standards developed for equipment and systems used along the entire chain play a central role in this process.

Issue 08/2015

Taking good care

Safety and security measures keep on being heightened to ensure utmost protection at any given moment

In our post-9/11 world, safety and security have been top priorities. We want safety and security at all times. From applications on our smartphones to complex electrical and electronic security systems in airports, from the baby monitors we install in our homes to state-of-the-art access controls in industrial plants, we try to cover and protect all aspects of our lives. But threats are still there, lurking and ready to pounce when we least expect it.